Mee_Dot is one of Phnom Penh’s famous businesses selling food products, specializing in noodles. The store always pays great attention to regulations on product quality and production standards. In recent times, Mee_Dot has always chosen to trust Kravan as a familiar partner in many projects.

1. One of the projects for installing PVC sliding system curtains at Mee_Dot Phnom Penh

In August 2023, Kravan successfully installed white and red PVC sliding curtains at the entrance to the entire restaurant. With the effect of preventing dust, rain, wind, and insects very effectively, installing PVC curtains will help restaurants eliminate worries about dust sticking to products, rain and wind during the rainy season, and insects that will affect the restaurant. And especially because of the flexibility of PVC curtains, the transportation of food and staff will not be limited. When you need to transport goods or food, you can pull the PVC curtains neatly to one side to avoid being entangled and obstructed. Because PVC screens are transparent, we can see the outside view from within, which enhances the beauty of the restaurant’s interior and exterior. Kravan team also has a PVC curtain design team to fulfill the restaurant owner’s desire for red colors because the establishment also has a distinctive brand color. That is also an aesthetic requirement for the restaurant.

  To achieve such professionalism and dedication, Kravan always sets for itself the following principles:
• Always listen and respond to partners’ requests as accurately and quickly as possible.
• Quickest response to customer needs
• Ensure transparency and honesty in the process of working with partners, providing complete, detailed, and accurate information about the project, progress, and costs so that partners can better understand the process of process deployment.
• Set quality standards and professional project management to ensure quality and project completion time according to the set plan.
• Promote the security and interests of partners, comply with regulations on information protection, and ensure the safety of partners’ data.
• Providing good after-sales service to partners after project completion helps partners feel more secure and satisfied with KRAVAN’s services.