Fixed sliding PVC Curtain

Fixed sliding PVC Curtain SYSTEM  can be manipulated to pull the curtain body back and forth on the rail. Curtains help prevent cold air loss, prevent insects and dust, and retract to one or both sides when not in use or move bulky goods.


Imported PVC plastic

Diverse designs, sizes, types

Flexible installation as required

Nationwide Delivery

Highly qualified technicians

បន្ទះ PVC

ពណ៌៖ ស ខៀវ លឿង ក្រហម… ទទឹង៖ ២០០មម; 300mm កម្រាស់: 1.5mm; 2.0 មម; 3.0 ម។


គូនៃកំណាត់ព្យួរ, តង្កៀបព្យួរ, កង់វិល, ផ្លូវរថភ្លើង

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Information about product

Fixed sliding PVC Curtain is an upgraded version of the fixed system PVC curtains, with the same effect of limiting cold air loss and preventing dust and insects. However, the Fixed sliding system PVC curtain can be pulled to the left and right, making it suitable for locations where forklifts and trucks frequently move back and forth.

1. How do fixed sliding PVC curtains work? 

As the name suggests, Fixed sliding PVC Curtain can be slid to one or both sides, creating a convenient space for transporting goods such as trucks, forklifts, bulky machinery, and equipment. This prevents the curtains from getting caught on the curtain plates, causing inconvenience and potential damage. Additionally, the covering area of the curtain can be easily adjusted according to your needs.

2. Structure

The structure of the Fixed sliding PVC Curtain includes seven parts: the curtain body, stationary accessory system, and moving accessory system.

PVC curtain: In general, sliding system PVC curtains are similar to fixed PVC curtains but with the added feature of a moving accessory system, making them convenient to move and pull. 

Standard PVC rolls also have other uses, such as

  • Prevents cold air loss, prevents dust, and helps prevent static electricity on plastic surfaces: Use anti-static PVC roll – Turquoise color
  • Prevent cold air loss in areas with deep negative temperatures: The Use polar PVC roll- Blue
  • Use PVC curtains without fear of the curtain fibers sticking together: Use PVC with single ribs or double ribs

Refer to PVC Roll for more information

3. Types of Fixed sliding PVC Curtain

Fixed sliding PVC Curtain are designed by KRAVAN with a variety of different motion systems, to flexibly meet customer needs. Each type of PVC curtain is created to maximize its effectiveness in each installation location.

But with so many varieties, how to choose? Don’t worry, KRAVAN consulting + technical team will survey the scene and help you choose the most suitable fixed sliding system PVC curtains.

3.1 PVC curtain with 1 wing sliding system

This type of PVC curtain can open the entire door area when rolled. However, it needs to have an area to the right or left of the door, equal to the area of the curtain body to facilitate the curtain sliding through.

3.2 PVC curtain with 2-wing sliding system

PVC curtains have a curtain body that is separated into 2 wings on both sides. When in use, the user can simultaneously slide the two wings towards for both sides, creating a space in the middle. However, it is difficult for curtains to completely open the door area, because space must be left behind for curtains, but if you want, KRAVAN can still do it.

3.3 PVC curtain with

This curtain is commonly used for small doors where goods move back and forth but are not significant. In particular, this is a type of curtain that meets the need for partial opening, while the remaining part is still responsible for preventing insects and dust.

3.4 Plastic curtain with 2 fixed wings and 2 sliding wings

This type of plastic curtain is divided into 4 separate wings, the 2 outer wings are fixed to the rail or door frame, the 2 middle wings can be moved to the 2 sides of the base. This type of curtain is commonly used for large doors that want to partially open for goods to pass through, while the remaining part is still responsible for preventing insects and dust.

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