High Speed Doors

High speed doors are industrial doors that open and close quickly and automatically. They offer many benefits, such as preventing dust, insects, and loss of cold air, which can improve the efficiency and safety of production.


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ពី 0.5 m/s ទៅ 1.2 m/s




1000-1500 ដង / ថ្ងៃ។

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Information about product

1.What is High Speed Doors?

High Speed Doors are automatic door systems made from PVC material, providing a high level of tightness for the production process in factories. These doors have quick opening and closing speeds, which can increase safety and control risk factors in production areas.

2. How effective are High Speed Doors? 

2.1. Preventing loss of cold air

High Speed Doors with PVC door bodies have excellent thermal insulation properties, helping to maintain a stable temperature by keeping cold air inside the space and preventing it from escaping. Additionally, the fast opening and closing speeds of 0.5 – 1.8m/s and 2m/s, respectively, also minimize cold air loss when people pass through the doors. 

2.2. Preventing insects

The tight sealing ability of High Speed Doors makes it difficult for insects to enter. Even if they try to sneak in when the door is open, the fast closing speed of High Speed Doors will stop them. The yellow colors on the door body also acts as a deterrent to insects.

2.3. Preventing dirt

High Speed Doors act as an effective barrier against dirt and small particles from the outside environment. This helps to maintain a clean workspace and minimize the impact of dust and dirt on the production process and final product.

2.4. Meeting domestic and international standards

High Speed Doors help factories meet strict domestics and international standards and regulations for safety and quality. This ensures that businesses can operate in a global business environment.

Advantages of High Speed Doors:

  • Automatic opening and closing, saving time and personnel: With an automatic control system, High Speed Doors can open and close quickly and easily, minimizing the time and personnel needed for the process.
  • Convenient for movement: High Speed Doors have a flexible design and automatically open and close, making it easier for goods, vehicles, and employees to move around while working.
  • Cost-effective: With thermal insulation features, High Speed Doors help minimize heat and cold air loss, saving energy and reducing the risk of goods’ damage and breakage.
  • Ensuring safety: High Speed Doors are equipped with safety features such as airbag sensors and optical sensors to prevent collisions and ensure user safety. This helps to limit the risk of occupational accidents and protect employees.
  • Limiting consequences of collisions or breakdowns: High Speed Doors are made from durable, flexible, and impact-resistant PVC plastic, making them able to withstand strong impacts and reducing the risk of breaking in case of an incident.

3. Structure and technical specifications of High Speed Doors

3.1. Structure:

Structural model of high-speed rolling door

(1) Protective cover box: This covers the outside of the roller shaft, protecting the roller and canvas body when rolled up.
(2) Motor: The stable operation of the servo motor ensures high intensity.
(3) Eye radar/sensor: This motion sensor detects movement in the sensor area and automatically opens the door.
(4) Reinforced aluminum bar: This bar is placed between the seams of the canvas panels and acts as a wind barrier, protecting against wind levels 3 to 6.

(5) Door body: Made from colorful reinforced PVC, with a clear white PVC viewing window.

(6) Manual button box: This allows for manual opening and closing of the door from the outside.

(7) Control cabinet: This allows for manual opening and closing of the door from the inside, as well as power cut-off and emergency stop functions. The cabinet also contains programming and door settings
(8) Guide rail

(9) Mirror sensor

(10) Bottom aluminum bar

3.2. Specifications:

*Standards: ISO 9001: 2015 – EN 60204 – 1, RoHS, HACCP, GMP

Size range Inner dimensions: N6150 x H6000
Door frame material Door frames are made from:

  • Powder coated iron
  • Stainless steel 304
  • Stainless steel 201

With two flanges using stainless steel

Engine HOFIC SERVO – Capacity 0.75KW – 2.2KW – 220v/50HZ, 0 – 2 m/s.
Dashboard PLC, converter, switching power supply, circuit breaker (with emergency rise and fall).
Opening and closing speed From 0.5 m/s to 1.2 m/s
Frequency of opening and closing 1000-1500 times/day.
Door body PVC film with reinforced polyester fibers and treated surface coating..

–   Thickness 1.2mm

– Color: red, orange, yellow, black, blue, green, gray, transparent (1 color design combined with many colors)

4.Operating Principle of High Speed Doors

4.1. Open and Closing the door

The operating principle of High Speed Doors involves a close process where the door scrolls up and down automatically, thanks to sensors. These sensors include:

Radar sensor: This sensor emits radar waves and receives reflected signals from objects within its range. When someone or vehicle enters the sensor area, the control box opens the door. When people or vehicles leave the area, the door will automatically close.

Geomagnetic sensor: This sensor is buried underground in a closed loop and detects when vehicles or people enter the area by sensing the impact on the sensor wire. The signal is then sent to the control box to open the door, and once the vehicle has passed through, the door closes automatically.

Zipper: A zipper is placed in front of the door and can be opened by pulling a rope when a vehicle approaches. Once the vehicle has passed through, the door closes automatically (with an adjustable closing time).

Door open button: This button, located on the wall, can be pressed by the user to open the door. It may also have other functions such as closing the door or emergency stop. Once the vehicle has passed through, the door closes automatically (with an adjustable closing time).

Remote control: The door can also be opened and closed using a remote control, which sends signals to the control box to perform the corresponding functions.

4.2.Safety Devices

High Speed Doors are equipped with various safety devices, including:

Point optical sensor: This sensor emits light to a reflector, and when an object breaks the optical connection between the two, a signal is sent to the control box to roll up the door.

Airbag sensor: Installed below the door, this sensor detects collisions and sends a signal to the control box to perform an emergency stop or roll up the door to prevent accidents.

Bar optical sensor: Similar to the point optical sensor, this sensor also detects objects passing through and sends a signal to the control box to roll up the door.

5. Types of High Speed Doors

5.1. Standard High Speed Doors

This is the most basic and commonly used type of High Speed Door in industrial and commercial applications.

5.2. Self repairing high speed doors

These doors have the ability to automatically return to their original position after a collision or misalignment, making them ideal for areas with high freight frequency or a high risk of collisions. This feature helps to avoid damage and save on repair costs.

5.3. Cold Storage High Speed Doors

Designed for use in cold environments, these doors are made with deep PVC material and are commonly used in cold storage, freezers, or cool rooms.

5.4. Folding High Speed Doors

These doors have leaves that stack on top of each other when opened, making them suitable for use in large areas with strong winds.

6. Applications of High Speed Doors

High Speed Doors are widely used in various industries, including:

  • Food and food production
  • Production of electronic components
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical industries
  • Cosmetics and chemicals
  • Warehouses and logistics
  • Cold storage and clean rooms

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